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Monday, March 20, 2006

snow daze

It was surreal and lovely to come out of the Godfather 2 last night and see Santa Fe in the midst of falling snow. It was less lovely to drop the boy off and start skidding down the hill to his house and then grind my way back up the hill, but after that it was fairly smooth driving home down Agua Fria. The showings at The Lensic were not well attended, but it was nice to come out, see a few people, be downtown. I am sad that more and more of downtown fails in the mission of fostering downtown activity. Hearing that the Jean Cocteau being taken over by the state really bums me out. I went there, for the first time, after I moved here in '87 and saw House of Games, which I didn't love, but I did love the theater.
Here's some other things I did in my first week in Santa Fe.

1. Had hot chocolate at Haagen Daaz (Plaza Bakery)
2. Saw Stevie Ray Vaughn at The Tingley
3. Saw Zozobra burn