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Friday, March 10, 2006

party on

It's Friday and a bout of insomnia last night combined with the wind has left me feeling very gritty in the eye. I am dismissing my staff early, at 3 pm, if we finish the last few things on the before-weekend run. We've got a double press run, because it's spring guide (look for an 84 page paper on Wednesday) but somehow or another we managed to get a lot done quickly and I thought we might as well celebrate with early dismissal. Also, I really need to take a nap. Tonight I'm going to a birthday party for my friend Lehra of the great local band Amazing Larry and tomorrow night Dan is throwing his "Fight the Power" house party, which is basically an excuse (as if one needed one) to play a bunch of old-school hip hop. Sunday night I'm intending to go see Polysics at Warehouse 21, assuming I'm still conscious and my worst-self hasn't overtaken my ambitious self and talked it into staying home to watch the season premiere of The Sopranos. So we shall see on that. In the meanwhile, as soon as I get out of here I'm bound to the car dealer to get my door opener thing reprogrammed and then Whole Paycheck bound to buy 1. a sandwhich and 2. beer for the party tonight and c. wine for the party tomorrow night and then home for a nap, which will probably get to be about half an hour long now that I do the math.
But, hey, there will be time to rest later in life, right?
I don't know why I'm so sleepy later. Maybe it's allergies. I don't feel ennuish, just that staying home and knitting is more fun than going out, and requires less makeup and attention to wardrobe, not that it's particularly obvious that I take any notice of wardrobe.
I had my second call today from Intouch magazine looking for Jessica Simpson gossip. This time offering to pay. I find the idea of paparazzi in Santa Fe very weird. Normally this is a place celebs can come and no one cares if they are here. That's one good thing about Santa Feans and our self-absorption; you can pretty much go where you want if you're famous and no one cares. But I guess Simpson is a different breed of celebrity than we normally have here. Personally I'm not sure there's anything I care less about than what Jessica Simpson is doing. I did, however, direct the first Intouch "reporter" to a friend of mine whose house was used in the film. I'm not opposed to my friends getting paid off by paparazzi.
OK, gonna update the ipod, wait on the last pages and hit the windy road. Hope your weekend rocks. If mine was slightly less party bound I'd definitely go to Santa Fe Brewing tomorrow night for the SXSW sendoff.
Whatever you do, be safe!