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Sunday, March 19, 2006

mob overload

The boy and I went to see The Godfather last night at The Lensic. It was very poorly attended. It was fun to sit up in the balcony. I got home and finally caught the season premiere of The Sopranos, which I'd missed last week, which annoyed me as it's the sole reason I pay for HBO. We're going back for Godfather 2 tonight, and then I'll catch this week's episode of The Sopranos. That's a lot of gangsta action for one weekend. No wonder I feel vaguely creepy today. I always feel creepy on Sundays though. I've always got some work to do, never feel like being here, and the weather, no matter if it's sunny or grey, always seems wrong. Also, my NCAA bracket has gone down hill all weekend long. That's the price you pay for getting sentimental, I suppose.