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Thursday, March 09, 2006

honesty, best blog policy

Alisa Valdes Rodriguez' blog is a million times better than this one will ever be because I can't imagine having the cajones to write as honestly about my life as she does about hers. Now, certainly, my life ain't half as interesting and many more people are interested in her life than they are in mine but still... I'm kind of amazed on her and other non-celebrity blogs how they just put it out there and how that really does create so much interest... probably prurient interest but still. Drama. I used to be a million times more dramatic than I am these days but even then I pretty much kept it to myself. I am very good at keeping secrets. I guess it's a good quality in my profession since I often am privvy to them. Today is a day I would love to just put out some stuff that is on my mind, but I'd probably get dooced and then what would I do? Go work for Richardson? Something tells me that's not a great environment for saying what you think either.
Anyway, the day is almost over, my car is back, my workout done at lunch, lunch actually eaten, dinner purchased, dogs walked, dog food purchased so, really, I have nothing to complain about. Well, nothing I can complain about, anyway.
Vayo con dios.