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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

deadline day in the city dif

I'm afraid I was one of the gullible who believed the hype about loss productivity due to NCAA betting. Believed it as in emailed one of the articles proclaiming it to my staffers while they were in the midst of a particularly aggressive email volley about their picks. I wasn't particularly worried, though. The thing about a deadline-driven business is that it doesn't matter what people are doing when you look over as long as when they meet their deadline they've turned in good copy. If they don't meet it, or the stories suck, then you start figuring out what's going wrong. When I was at the SUN, Bob Trapp used to say he didn't think it was a good sign to see reporters in the office too often and I still agree with that. I agree with pretty much everything Bob Trapp ever said, except, perhaps for his questioning the possible use of a pregnant reporter (I wasn't pregnant. I just noticed that the health insurance policy didn't cover pregnancy, asked about it, and he said: "Why would I want a pregnant reporter?"). Anyway, that was a long time ago and he was joking. I think.
So last night I went to the Cowgirl for their final karaoke challenge. My friend Donnan won with a quite good Judy Garland medley (performed in drag) followed by DAY-O. He competed against Jimmy the Carrot, who did his always-impressive "Humpty Hump." Carrot's second place prize is a trip to Durango; Donnan won a trip to New York. It was very crowded and lively, which is always good to see.
Today I finally went and got a primary care doctor. Yes, I am one of the thousands who use the ER or clinic when I'm sick. To be candid, I really don't trust or like doctors and I hate going to them. I am paranoid, skeptical of the worth of it and given the poor health care in this country I'd just as soon save my money for something that I'll enjoy. Like new shoes. Or candy. But, you know, I'm trying to be a little less, um, aggressively juvenile of late, so I figured I'd find a doctor, have a physical and find out if I'm dying (another reason to avoid the doctor, acute hypochondria). Anyway, she (the doc) was very nice and now if I get sick I can call "my doctor" instead of stopping by "the clinic."
So my first thought today, upon waking, was sort of bizarre. Maybe it's why I'm thinking about the SUN today. The SUN used to run all these ads for people that said things like, "Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's Forty" with pictures of people as kids who were (I assume) turning 40. Anyway, my first thought today was: "Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's Bordy."
And I'm not even on medication, folks.
OK, back to the wizzle, as they say.