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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

one week to go

city elections
All week Honey Harris and I are interviewing the mayoral candidates on KBAC in the morning. Today we had David Coss. Thursday we have David Schutz and Friday Karen Walker. Tonight is our Pizza and Politics party at 6:30 pm at Back Road Pizza. Tomorrow our endorsement issue hits the street. Tuesday is the election. And March 8…well, then I guess we get to work on the state elections. Political coverage can be sort of timeconsuming. Some alt.weeklies don't make political endorsements and that is a sorely tempting proposition sometimes as they are time consuming as hell. But, I feel, we at least try to be comprehensive. We interview everyone (the dailies do not) before making an endorsement decision; we let the readers know how we did our endorsement process. The new mex's endorsements make little if any sense to me (they don't mention the other candidates half the time), the Journal sometimes doesn't make endorsements in certain races, which I think is irresponsible, so, you know, I guess we'll keep doing it for the time being.
I'm kind of surprised the new mex's endorsements haven't garnered any comments yet, given how heated some of their political stories have gotten. Well, I'm not sure how much good newspaper endorsements do. Delgado never got any and was elected twice.
I don't know when the Journal is printing its council endorsements. I keep thinking I must have missed them.
Anyway, Honey and I asked Coss a bunch of questions about development, Wal-Mart and downtown. Listeners sent in questions, many of which had to do with his 6 months as Debbie Jaramillo's city manager.
And now back to our regularly scheduled deadline.