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Monday, February 06, 2006

on marcy street

Just ran into Tom Udall on Marcy Street. I told him I'd been listening to the wiretapping hearings and he said, "Can you believe that Gonzales?"
I said, though (as part of my new non-opinion thing) that it was interesting to listen to the AG's testimony as if one didn't know much about it because, really, it sounds kind of reasonable when you do it like that. He agreed that fearmongering and mentioning Al Quada is a good way to sell such things to the American public. But here's the thing Julia, he said, they are under oath. And that means if they lie, it's perjury and they could go to jail."
And, you know, I'm sceptical by nature of politicians but Udall looked and sounded so sincere as he said it that I thought, Yeah! They have to tell the truth! And he said, as if reading my mind, that's your business, the truth.
And then I came back across the street to my office where we are putting to bed the Love and Sex issue, which isn't very political except, maybe, the one article on the G-spot, but that's only political in my least-favorite way: 1970s Our Body Ourselves type politics.
I think we need something new, all around. Political and cultural amnesia followed by a fresh start. Hopefully without a proceeding apocolypse.
On a different note, I went to WF at lunch and noted five cell-phone while driving violations. I am now entering several months of good driving behavior. I mean, I'm not a model of traffic-law obeisance but closer to it than my previous juvenile driving while having arrested juvenile delinquent syndrome. Still, it's not that rewarding. When you don't speed or talk on the phone while driving you don't get pulled over. It's a double negative. But you still see people breaking the law and getting away with it. No one ever pulls you over and says, "good job Julia! You're driving 25 miles an hour down Siringo even though there's no traffic and no real reason to do so. And you're not on the phone. Nice going."
I'm looking forward to going home for some reason. We got so much work done on Friday that today is kind of quiet and the only thing left to do is start dealing with Annual Manual. And I can't do that right now or I will start to cry.