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Friday, February 17, 2006

2 the finish line

sorry to be so quiet. I've been locked in our conference room all week conducting endorsement interviews with candidates for the March 7 city elections for mayor and city council.
It's always interesting to talk to candidates and always challenging, in some races, to figure out the best person to endorse. We try to think of the big picture and how it all fits together. In Santa Fe, so many of the issues are chronic and, in truth, it's hard to tell what will happen in the future or how much any one candidate will impact that future. Not to mention how they might change over the years. Anyway, it's almost over.
On another note, if you shoot me and I have a heart attack, I probably won't apologize for the trouble I've caused you. In case you were wondering.
Tonight, I am hanging with the boy and read some more of this book which I am enjoying.
Tomorrow night I am supposed to go to the Sex Workers Art show (third item down), which I will probably be slightly alarmed by, being the prudish person I sometimes am, but what the hell.
We also are hard at work at planning our Pizza & Politics party, to be held at 6:30 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 28, at Back Road Pizza, with Drinking Liberally and KBAC, in which Santa Feans will (hopefully) show up, gnosh and talk politics. Mark your calendars and have a great weekend!