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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

we're back

Coming back to work on a Tuesday, which is our deadline day, is pretty crazy. I had planned to stop by the offices yesterday and at least plow through the spam but, surprise, surprise, going out New Year's Eve did not do my ongoing plague situation well, and I barely moved for two days after. Finally gave in to the reality that there is something amiss and started a second round of antibiotics. Boy I've been dating came over New Year's Day and made me dinner, which I promptly threw up (let no one say I am not charming). Made spontaneous New Year's Resolution addendum that I am not leaving the house (except for work) until I am really, really recovered. This is ridicilicilous.
Not quite as wacky as the fact that I just spent 20 minutes looking at knitting blogs. Yes, that's what 2006 has in store for me. I am going to stay in, not drink or carouse, and knit. My youth is officially over.
Well, I'm not sure my knitting prowess is going to advance much beyond scarfs, but it is a distracting thing to do when you're inside blowing your nose for eight hours (yesterday). Bah hambug. I mean humbug.
In other news, have to get our AAN entries ready for the 2005 contest, edit next week's cover story, clean off my disgusting desk (it's becoming epic in here because I've felt too weak to carry out the old newspapers. You may well find me in here buried under them soon). The city council forums etc., are picking up. Our two new interns start tomorrow and we are going to sic them (sick them. psyche them?) on pulling together city information for our pop quiz series.
o shit, gotta hop back to my red penned ways. more latah
hopefully more newsy than knitty