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Monday, January 09, 2006

the most boring girl alive

Mondays used to mean my blog was filled with photos and hazy recounts of my weekend jaunts. Today's Monday post, in case you're wondering, includes a photograph of the scarf I knit, knitted...knat? over the weekend. Jonanna has postulated that perhaps I have that weird disease where you become instantaneously very old. It does, indeed, feel like that. (although I have to admit the fact that I am capable of making things after an entire lifetime of being pretty useless is sort of exciting).
I am still on my I can't be sick anymore-regimen of staying home and doing nothing. I am going to Maui in 10 days and I absolutely refuse to be sick. Particularly as I'll be on an airplane for six hours (knitting the whole time I'm sure. Maybe I'll knit myself a bikini. Not).
I did leave the house Friday night to see Munich, which was good, albeit disturbing and graphic. Munich and Syriana are the only two movies I've seen as of late, which is sort of odd given that I am usually much more inclined towards viewing total fluff. I did finally rent Serenity, which I really, really liked—in part because it was Joss Whedon and in part because it reminded me of Resident Evil. I don't know why my movie tastes run so closely to the average video-game addicted teenage boy's. Oh well.
Also finally finished McInerney's The Good Life, which ended up being super, super trite. Blech. Bad enough to have a middle-aged man have the ephiphany that he loves a woman because she reminds him of his mother (if people really had such ephiphanies there would be no need for therapists) but to have the same character have the same ephiphany twice in 50 pages? I mean, come on. I need something good to read; everything I've tried lately has been sort of horrific (Actually Prep, which I read right before Good Life, wasn't so badly written I guess, but it wasn't exactly great literature. I don't think. blah blah blah).
In other news: our sheriff, Greg Solano, has started a blog. It seems like he might have a few technical difficulties with the template at the moment, although it's readable. I wish all public officials had blogs.
OK, I have to go now and get ready to be boring some more.
knit, gnat, not