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Friday, January 13, 2006

friday the 13th

I just wrote an entire post and accidentally deleted it. This Friday the 13th stuff seems to have translated into some kind of Mercury in Retrograde situation for me. I have done more stupid computer things today than in my entire life, it seems.
Ahem. As I was saying before interrupting and deleting myself, this is completely crazy. How can the median house price in Santa Fe be nearly half a million dollars when you can barely find a job that pays $30,000.
I bought my house 10 years ago for less than $100,000. Granted, it's rural ghetto and I've had to replace the roof... twice... but at least I have a roof over my head. It used to take me 7 minutes to get into town from my house. These days it takes 25 minutes. Santa Fe has been growing steadily and all the while the discourse is about whether or not we should grow. So we grow, but badly, and unchecked. $470,000! Talk about The Emperor Has No Adobe Bricks. This is insanity. The comments on the new mex site r.e. this story, about realtor disclosure, are very appropo.
Tonight I'm going to grab a slice of pizza with Dan at Back Road Pizza, which has great pizza and a great enviro. If you haven't been, you really should. This is a great local business and I love the Second Street district in general.
Meanwhile, I am trying to finish up our contest entries for the annual AAN contest, which is partly why I'm having so many computer problems. Last year we won in a few categories, although all contests are kind of a crap shoot in my opinion. Meanwhile, the editors on the AAN editors list serv have been debating the ethics of having columnists who are running for office, in office etc. I am very old school on this stuff and my answer is: NO! I don't care who they are or how great they are or any of it. No, no, no. Jerry Ortiz y Pino was a columnist for this paper for 30 years before he ran for office and when he told me he was running, his column ended. End of story. I wouldn't even let an employee of mine have a bumper sticker on their car (I can't do anything about the ad reps). It's not about how fair you think you're going to be; it's about the credibility of the paper.
Well, I think I'll go mosey over to the yarn store before the weekend begins. I'm almost out of projects (i.e. scarfs) to knit. I am contemplating starting a hat this weekend, but I don't know if I'm ready. I just re-read that sentence and truly can't believe I wrote it. Twice, in fact.
One of the owners of the paper sent me The Informant, so I may tackle that over the weekend. Contemplating getting A Million Easy Pieces for the plane ride.
OK, guess I'll get back to it for a few.
Have a great weekend.