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Thursday, December 15, 2005

lost in space

The whole Virgin Galactic story is reminding me of the movie Total Recall. It just has such a futuristic/absurdistic quality to it and reminds me of the fake commercials Paul Verhoeven uses to such good effect in his movies.
Quite frankly, I might be the first in line to be ejected into space if they were up and running at the moment. It's probably quite quiet and peaceful. I wonder if there are deadlines in space?
The end is definitely in sight. If we can get this next 84 page issue out (which we started working on Wednesday morning, with a night's sleep in between the last issue and this one) I will, really, be off work for almost a week.
Of course, we are all dropping like flies around here. I've passed my hideous illness on to my department. It sounds like a TB ward in here.