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Friday, December 16, 2005

bye bye howard stern

When I was a teenager, in Philadelphia, my morning routine included listening, religiously, to Howard Stern. Even today, despite Stern's two decades of mostly focusing on T & A in his programming, I still remember him as this political, balls-out, morning talk show guy, who used to call up politicians on air and put them on the spot. I guess T & A was a better way for him to get famous (and pretty much when I stopped listening to him; not that I have anything against T & A, but I moved out here and there was no Howard Stern at that point, so...). So now he's off the regular radio and moving to Satellite. Sometimes, like when I read this story, I feel VERY AWARE of the passage of time. I mean, who listens to radio anymore? I mean, really listens to it? We are all plugged in to so much more technology now, ipods, streaming this, digital that and, obviously, I'm right there with the rest of the 21st century gadgetized culture. I love the technology; I like every new thing that comes along. I like to check it out, see if I can figure it out, utilize it. But there are these other days when I remember myself, 16 years old, listening to the radio and typing my sad teenage girl poems on my old typewriter and I feel... what is it? Nostalgic? I mean, it wasn't like it was that long ago in the scheme of things, although I was a teenager in the last century, I guess. It's more just how rapidly information technology has advanced that sort of blows my mind sometimes. Well, bye bye Howard Stern. Embrace progress as you have. What choice is there, really?