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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

True Confessions

Oh dear, I've been tagged for a meme by Tom.

1. I confess to knowing no Italian, other than the names of pasta, but I think I'm supposed to list confessions.
2. I confess to having very negative thoughts this week regarding the inability of certain letter-to-the-editor writers to actually read that about which they write.
3. I confess that I sometimes lie about either my age, height or weight, but I'm not saying which.
4. I confess that the purple streak in the back of my hair actually cost money to put in.
5. I confess that the guy I am dating would have asked me out a year ago except a mutual friend told him I was a lesbian and even though I knew he thought that I didn't do anything to correct his misimpression.
6. I confess that I have not used my kitchen for anything other than coffee brewing in at least a year.
7. I confess that I used to be able make myself cry on command by thinking about my first hamster's death.
8. I confess that I don't know anything about wine, but sometimes I pretend that I do.
9. I confess that my fantasy alternative life would consist of studying and translating Ancient Greek.
10. I confess to having watched a lot of Star Trek in my life.
11. I confess to liking dogs more than people.
12. I confess to singing very loud in my car when I drive around.

This could really go on indefinitely. I must stop now and, as befits the meme tradition, pass the torch to: Steve, Yvonne, Gregory P and John.