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Friday, November 25, 2005

stuff, stuffing, stuffed

Here's one reason I'm glad I work the day after Thanksgiving. Not to mention a little shout-out, to myself, for not living in New York.
I just finished my leftovers from yesterday: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and stuffing. Very healthy. I feel really gross. Despite the carbo-induced brain fog, I had a lovely time yesterday. First off, survived the weirdness of attending a holiday function with the boy I've been dating. Also, he brought a dish and it was very, very good. So good, in fact, that Donnan, my friend, this morning gave his blessing (this may sound absurd, but Donnan has an uncannny knack for knowing who's a tool and who isn't). Secondly, well, it was all pretty low key in a slightly weird way. It was Donnan's mother's birthday (hence her name: Pilgrim). She has a habit of telling a strange combination of stories. She's 73 and vascilates between talking about the old-fashioned things of the 50s (or 40s? do the math for me, will ya? My head hurts from all the pumpkin pie) and then pops out with things like, "Don't you think pie is better than sex?" (The answer to this question, if someone you're dating is sitting next to you, btw, is not yes).
So tomorrow night is Aid & Comfort, which will hopefully be fun. Sunday I hope to go to the circus as my ex is in it and, well, who doesn't love a circus?
OK, back to the second gift guide now.