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Thursday, November 03, 2005

she's back

but disassociative, apparently, and referring to myself in third person.
My God I am beat. I am running, these days, solely on fumes. Lavender-scented fumes, mind you, but still.
New favorite activity: napping
Least favorite activity: answering telephone
New challenge: Sidekick2—blackberry type contraption equipped to do everything you could imagine. Except be used as an alarm clock, for some reason.
Good Deed of the Week: Picking up guy I've been dating for 3 weeks in Albuquerque after his car broke down.
Attitude about Good Deed: Poor to moderate
Articles you should read:

Puppets on the Left, Puppets on the Right about the Wal-Mart PR campaign.
Alls or Nothing an article by Silja in In These Times about poverty.

But to me, the big tragedy of the day was the closure of Carlos Gospel Cafe. This is sad for several reasons. One, I've been eating there since 1987 but also SFR is almost entirely powered by Carlos' sandwhiches. We order from them constantly; who knew that Gertrude Stein on WW on Monday was my last? It sucks to see a downtown institution go under like this. I think little old recession-proof Santa Fe is about to start having some serious problems.