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Friday, October 07, 2005

tgif and top 10

Wow, I've been a lousy blogger this week. This week feels as though it was a month long. To tell you the truth, if you could see me right now, typing at my desk, a slightly crazed look in my eye, you might forgive my inability to gather my thoughts well enough to type out a few cohesive sentences here or there (and you know it's bad when people start sending you topics). I could tell you, briefly, that my regular hair appointment turned into a four-hour procedure that ended with part of my hair being purple, but I'm still in shock over it (I took a day off yesterday in an attempt to regroup. It didn't work very well, hence I have partially purple hair).
OK, here's a top 10 to finish off my week.

1. I wish the Supreme Court had decided to hear this case.. I remain very worried about The Patriot Act. If you missed it when it came out, Silja Talvi wrote a great story about it in August.
2. As mentioned previously, I interviewed John Grubesic, our state senator from Santa Fe, who has had a difficult year, for this week's issue. At any rate, Grubesic reveals, in the interview, that he's in a 12-step program. I was contacted, anonymously, by a reader, who said under AA's rules, Grubesic shouldn't have revealed that, nor should I have. I spoke with a close friend on this topic, and he thought it was open for debate. Actually, he recited chapter and verse the AA manual that refers to this issue, but that's another story.
3. I might be going to Hawaii in January. I love Hawaii and I haven't had a vacation in a thousand years.
4. Michael Tisserand, from Gambit Weekly, got props for his ongoing series about life after Katrina. It's good writing, and you can read it every week on
5. I have an entire plate of cookies from Santa Cafe on my desk, but I'm not going to eat them.
6. R.E. Harriet Miers, Jessie Jackson has a point.
7. I turned on the heat for a minute last night when it was cold and then realized I won't be able to afford gas this winter if I don't hold out a little longer.
8. I guess the House Republicans are reviewing Vigil's impeachment. I can not believe he went back to work.
9. I'm allergic to bees. Stories like this freak me out.
10. See, I'm not just thinking about my own personal life. I am also thinking about politics and the supreme court and gas prices and bees and…oh, I'm not fooling any of you am I?
Have a great weekend!