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Monday, October 24, 2005

muni court

Mondays at SFR aren't particularly pleasant on the best of weeks. But a Monday that includes a mandated court appearance is bound to be that much worse. Just fighting traffic all the way down Cerrillos is going to suck. And with my luck I'll manage to get a ticket on the way to court. Also, hate to say it, but at least if Judge Fran were there I could pretty much plan on a reduced fine, since she was sort of known for that kind of thing. (or maybe not; I don't know). I'm kind of hoping the cop who pulled me over doesn't show, although that's probably too much to hope for. I'm not feeling overly optimistic that the list of reasons I've prepared to try to talk my fine down are going to go over very well.
I haven't been to muni court since Tom Fiorina was judge. I think I was 19 or something. I had accidentally drove into and knocked down a wall on old Santa Fe Trail, largely because I was driving an Ecoline Van that was so huge I had to stand up to brake. Fiorina was pretty reasonable, particularly given that I plead (for some reason) no contest, which was ridiculous. (Fiorina asked me at the time, "so who's fault was it then? The wall's" and I thought, "yeah, good point.")
I feel sort of nervous and sick. I actually don't fare too well with authority figures and in law-enforcement situations.