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Monday, October 31, 2005

monday mail

Hi julia

How would you like to automatically achieve
almost anything you wanted... without having
to try - or even THINK about - achieving it?

I think that sounds great. That was the best of the Monday morning spam. But, you know, everyone complains about spam, but at least you can just hit "delete" and it's gone.
Unlike my snail-mail box which keeps reaching epic proportions every time I turn my back. I just tried photographing it three times, but each time the photo was completely illegible (or whatever the visual equivalent is). It's a mailbox that can't be photographed. Almost as if it is a vampire. Which is is. My life is being sucked out by faxes and emails and envelopes. I throw away or ignore 85 percent of that which is targeted at me and my various addresses and numbers. And rightly so. Yes, the other 15 percent is stuff I need and want to see. But does that seem proportional? And how much time do all those items read and discarded represent? Am I spending more than 10 percent of my life looking at stuff I don't need to see? And if it is more than 10 percent, how much more? More importantly, what is a reasonable amount of time to spend looking at stuff yo don't need to see here in the 21st century?

postscript: the email sends you to a site for brain bullet software.