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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


There's a certain weird irony to this E & P story about the Miller Times saga. The irony, really, is that all the inside Times sources are anonymous for the story, given The Times' last public editor's ongoing investigation or, queries, into anonymous sources. This whole Times situation has been so interesting. I guess it's a bit of a litmus test of a variety of issues: institutional journalism, the relationship between government and journalism, the insularity of journalism.
So, tonight I am going to see Aimee Mann and I am pretty darned excited, given that Aimee Mann pretty much sings the soundtrack to my life. Well, most of my life. I have to confess to being in a slightly more optimistic mood of late on the romantic front. I am less optimistic about my "bird flu" situation. This weird sinus thing I have appears to be going around; I talked to Gwyn today and she's had the same thing for THREE WEEKS. There's nothing worse than hearing someone has the same horrible illness you have and that it lingers.
I am contemplating ducking out of here earlier and lying down for a little while. I think if I move quickly I can make a break for it.
But before I go, some of you may have seen funny e-bay item about the leather pants (I heard about it through terrell's blog.) Here's the followup.