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Thursday, October 13, 2005

the mayor's race beginith

Yesterday Larry Delgado announced he won't seek a third term as mayor. It's a little paranoid for me to think he made this announcement on a Wednesday so that we wouldn't have much chance to report on it but, there you have it. How to win my good graces: Only break news on Mondays and Tuesdays!
I said as much to former County Commissioner Paul Duran when he called that morning to tell me he was going to run for mayor now that Larry is out of the race. I had run into Duran a few weeks ago while I was arriving at and he was leaving Santacafe and he had promised me I'd be the first to know when he decided. (I didn't ask for this commitment, he just volunteered it. I think because the New Mex reported on his former DWI and we really didn't (again, politicians, if you're going to get popped for DWI please do it on a Monday or Tuesday) and now, for some reason, Duran feels favorable towards SFR, a state I'm sure won't last long. Later in the day when I talked to Duran (while waiting at the mechanic's for my headlight to get fixed) he said that now he wasn't sure what he was going to do because former county commissioner Javier Gonzales (a politician who definitely does not favor SFR following an investigative report I wrote and we published in 1998) might run and Duran wasn't sure if he and Javier should face off and risk taking each other's votes. My guess is Gonzales is a slightly more viable candidate (longer out of the public eye et. al) but anyway, I asked Duran how they would decide and he said, "rock, paper, scizzors." (As a side note, Paul Duran is one of the few public figures I've ever known with a sharp, sarcastic tongue and even though his politics might not be quite my cup of tea I can't help but appreciate the humor). Duran then told me he felt it was his destiny to be mayor and had even had a dream about it. I asked him what the dream was and he said, "I was mayor in it." He also said he thought the mayor should get paid a real salary, like $125,000 (which is probably not the best campaign platform IMO) because otherwise one would always have retired people running for office who could afford a $20,000 a year salary. Not that he has anything against retired people, he added.
Anyway, I'm supposed to get an update on this next week, he says, after him and Javier hash things out. So I guess the mayor's race is about to heat up and it is looking like an exciting campaign season. Stay tuned, and send us your political gossip!