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Friday, October 21, 2005

life is a circus

Or at least it seems that way sometimes.
I'll compare life to the real thing. I'm supposed to go to the circus tonight. The "no animals harmed" circus, I might add. Hopefully I can make it through an evening without throwing up. Have I mentioned how much this sinus thing sucks? I'm now hearing reports from the blogisphere and beyond that others have suffered with this for weeks on end. And now my colleagues are catching it (ahem) from me. I guess that's why sick people shouldn't come to work. What a conundrum.
On another note, while I appreciate Move On in general, I'm not sure this letter writing campaign thing they and other groups have gotten into doing is a great use of grassroots energy. We, for example, don't publish these form letters that come in. They are obviously form letters for one and, for two, we only publish letters in response to things we've written. Sending mass letters to the media, here and all over, encouraging them to adopt fair practices and avoid another Judith Miller is not, I don't think, a particularly pointful endeavor as far as public discourse goes. Although, well, maybe a grassroots Internet campaign like that directed at the national media might send a message. According to the site, 13 letters have been sent to local media and hundreds to national media. On the other hand, we supposedly received three, according to the site, but in reality have only received zero so...
That New Mex story today about the magazine salesmen killing Benjamin Suazo in the bowling alley parking lot was very weird for a variety of issues. The fact that there are groups of people who sell magazines was one of them. The New Mex comment board on this is pretty interesting; the readers are right, race does tend to come into lots of things in Santa Fe.
Including politics or, perhaps, especially politics. As far as we can tell, based on today's reporting, practically the entire city council is now going to run for mayor. It's going to be a long political season, I can tell you that.
Just got this from the state police; thought it was sort of sweet and, of course, bizarre. Everything seems bizarre to me lately. I think my sinus cavity may have been previously responsible for rationale thought.

Albuquerque—DPS Motor Transportation Division Patrolman Stan Lundy delivered a baby boy when the expecting parents couldn’t make it to the hospital in time. 
Just before 7 pm on Friday October 7th Patrolman Lundy was checking the paperwork of a truck driver he had just pulled over when he was approached by the expectant father, Matt Heine.  He asked for an escort to the hospital.  Officer Lundy found that the expecting mother, Christi Heine, was in labor and it became very apparent that the baby was coming soon.
Baby Paul was born in the front seat of the car on the side of I-40.  Mother and baby were taken to the hospital by ambulance that arrived just after the birth.  Baby Paul weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces and was 21 inches long. He has three older siblings.
The truck driver was released without any citations.

Perhaps I can start getting out of tickets by always having a woman about to go into labor in the car with me. After all, cheaper to get the car washed than keep going to court.
Folks, I am out of here. Have a great weekend!