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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

is it hot in here?

or is it just the fever I'm running? Yes, I've got some kind of bug, which comes with fever, chills and swollen glands. My art director and I just wondered if perhaps I am the beginning wave of the bird flu pandemic. Here's hoping not. Although I might conceivably be able to take a sick day if such a thing were to happen.
Can you believe there's another hurricane on the way?
Can you believe I got pulled over AGAIN on Saturday night for driving, for one block, without my headlights on (to Sweeney for Rockfest. Now, yes, I should have remembered to turn on my lights (not something I normally do) and the cop could have flashed his lights at me and I would have checked. Instead, he pulled me over and asked how I planned to see without lights, and did I plan to "have the force guide me." And said if I didn't turn on my lights a drunk driver might hit me. I have to say, given my growing repertoire of Santa Fe cops, the state police and sheriffs deputies are always very polite; the Santa Fe city cops seem to go out of their way to be sarcastic and mean. He gave me a written warning and sent me on my way. I saw him later at Rockfest. He was about my height. I am growing weary of this police state.