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Monday, October 03, 2005

five seconds

Some Mondays are worse than others. This one has been... not bad, but I feel internally frantic. Am also transcribing like crazy. I type insanely fast but not with great accuracy (kinda the same way I play the piano). I need to go the gym and run full speed on the treadmill for a while and burn off some nervous energy. I'll be glad when this issue is put to rest. I'm glad I did some laundry over the weekend. I'll be glad when my hair is cut on Thursday so I don't look like a hairball with eyes much longer. I am actually curious to see what happens with Albuquerque's election tomorrow. It's interesting how remote Albuquerque's politics are from Santa Fe's. I've been more into it than normal as a result of reading Jim Baca and Joe Monahan's blogs. I look forward to writing a post with more depth at some point, but any Monday post is an accomplishment of some sorts, I suppose. We sent a writer to the border to cover the Minutemen over the weekend. That won't be in this Wednesday's paper though, but next week's so we have a chance to absorb things. OK, back to transcribing for now.