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Monday, October 10, 2005

columbus day bad

In the newspaper biz a Monday holiday in which no government offices are open is nothing but a pain in the ass. Particularly when said newspaper goes to press on Tuesdays and several reporters have left some reporting over and can not complete it because there is no one to answer the phone in their offices (noun agreement?). For my part, I rolled into the water company parking lot at 8 am to pay my bill and then realized there was no one there to take my money. Thank God for the drop box. A lackluster weekend, folks, filled with mishaps (a burned out headlight I've been unable to fix myself and am too afraid to take to Pep Boys on account of them basically blowing up my car the last time I went there). Bets on how long it takes for me to get pulled over for it? On the bright side, there are lots of pumpkins around and, well, who doesn't love a pumpkin? Am starting to strategize over my Halloween costume; have yet to make a decision. SFR will be having its Halloween party this year at Vanessie's (used to be at The Paramount which is, of course, no more) on the 27th I believe (whatever the Wednesday is before Halloween) so start planning! Hmm. Looks like the cover story just landed on my desk. Guess I better find my red pen.