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Friday, October 28, 2005

the beat goes on

The general consensus, in the office today, on the matter of the Libby indictment is a. good and b. what about rove? Yes, the liberals have a blood thirst, although as far as weeks go, this sho hasn't been much of one for Bush. Truth be told, I don't feel, and have never felt, that burning liberal hate for the Bush administration. I tend to hold the political view that all politicians are the same (what is that view called again?) but, still, it's nice to see something resembling justice and I enjoyed this Salon piece about the situation (you have to watch a quick ad to read the article, FYI).
Man, this has been one convaluted and crazy scandal. And it ain't over yet. Of course, the role of the media is part of what makes this all so interesting.
On another note, slightly related, note, at least Robert Vigil resigned. Finally. Just got the press release from the gov about the search committee to replace Vigil. FYI:

Governor Bill Richardson today announced the members of a bipartisan search committee he has appointed to identify qualified candidates for the position of State Treasurer.  The committee will be co-chaired by Kim Sanchez Rael, a member of the Board of Finance and an Albuquerque businesswoman, and Craig Reeves, the President and CEO of the First National Bank of New Mexico in Clayton.  The group will present a list of three finalists to the Governor in about a week.
“The new Treasurer must be a have extensive experience as a financial manager, impeccable credentials and unquestionable character,” said Governor Richardson.  “I am confident the committee will provide an outstanding list of candidates, and I will choose the best of them to help restore the credibility and integrity to this important office.”
The committee consists of legislators, financial experts, and representatives of business and banking.
“This process will be non-partisan and non-political,” added the Governor.  “The main goal is to rebuild public confidence in the office and show the investment community New Mexico has resolved this difficult situation and is on solid financial ground.”
According to the state constitution, the Governor must appoint a replacement to serve until the next general election, which takes place in November, 2006.  The members of the search committee announced today by the Governor include:

Phil Archibeck- Banker, Albuquerque
Richard Ledbetter- Banker, Farmington
Bruce Malott- CPA, Albuquerque
Paul Bardacke- former NM Attorney General, Albuquerque
Rep. Jeanette Wallace, Los Alamos
Rep. John Heaton, Carlsbad
Rep. Larry Larrañaga, Albuquerque
Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Albuquerque
Sen. Sue Wilson Beffort, Albuquerque
Sen. Joe Fidel- Grants
James Jimenez, DFA Secretary
Don Kidd- Banker, former state senator, Carlsbad
David Weymouth- Banker/Investor, Albuquerque
Steve Keene- CPA, Albuquerque
Derrick Watchman- Banker, Phoenix
Judy Espinosa- State Treasurer’s Office, Bureau Chief Admin. & Outreach, Santa Fe
Don Chalmers- Businessman, Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

So there's that.
In a completely unrelated piece of news (except everything's connected, right?), as you may recall Chilacas was slated for a council review and, Wednesday night, as we had our Halloween party, the council voted down letting Chilacas be a nightclub (my friend Joe Ray Sandoval, who has been running hip hop there since The Paramount closed) stopped by our party afterwards to give me the 411. As a result, tonight's Love Gun and Holllis Wake show, booked for Chilacas, have been cancelled, and the band members I've spoken to were pretty bummed. They also wondered how it was that the council drags its feet on so many things, but managed to vote this down so quickly (hey, it's a perception, thus valid). The band members are now out all the money they shelled out for this gig, not to mention the money they turned down for other gigs (Halloween weekend a big night for working musicians). They also have a newly embittered view of city politics. I see that as the bright side, though. It's hard to get certain segments of Santa Fe's populace particularly interested in Santa Fe politics, unless it hits home, and now it has. I told one of the band members it's not too late for him to run for city council.
I, however, must now decide how to spend my Friday night. I'm thinking Half Rack. I'm also secretly thinking SLEEP (well, not so secretly I guess), but I'm trying to stay motivated. Jesus, though, Halloween kind of takes it out of you around here. There's way too many Halloween thangs. On the bright side, I don't have to judge and/or MC the Swig Halloween Party this year, since they are not speaking to us (they're mad that we wrote that they were for sale after they denied it to us; but we had heard it all over town so, you know, we are a newspaper. Actually, I've now heard multiple times who they've sold to, but I haven't nailed it down yet).
On another tip, we had an interview with SF Police Chief Bev Lennen this week because I knew she was retiring and asked Dan to interview her. Lo and behold, on Thursday, both The New Mex and Journal run stories about her retiring. I wrote The Journal a snippy note asking them to remember to credit us when they follow our stories. The reporter told me he'd known for a while Lennen was retiring but was holding off on running it. Uh huh. I believe him; I thought everyone knew. But Lennen told Frosch that everyone started calling city hall after our article came out, so it wasn't really public knowledge, and apparently the dailies hadn't done anything on it. I love accidentally scooping people. I kind of assumed it had been written about already, which is why we covered it in the interview, rather than as a news article per se. But I guess the only place it had been made public was on Channel 16, during Zozobra.
 Well, I need to go talk to my reporters. There's a Fran Gallegos scoop in the air today they need to find out about before I let them leave.
Hey, Happy Halloween. Remember, any holiday that's about chocolate and dress-up is good.

Jen, Dan and I at SFR's Halloween Party at Vanessie's. Look for more photos on our website from the many, many attendees. Hope you were one of them. We had a blast.