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Friday, September 30, 2005

top 10 friday thoughts

1. I haven't finished reading this NY Times story about fact verus fiction in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath but it's pretty interesting so far. If you recall CNN did a story after The Washington Post did a story about all the violence, particularly against women and children. David Carr of The Times followed up with this and now The Times seems to have run the story a bit to the ground. The Post also has followed with this story although I'm not sure it really acknowledges that its own story previously perpetuated these "rumors." Also, have to say, find it all very weird and crazy that this happened. Hope CJR or E & P or someone delves in more fully.
2. Looks like we're getting another Wal-Mart unless litigation from the opposition prevails.
3. Looks like The House in NM will have to begin impeachment proceedings against Treasurer Robert Vigil. I think it's unfortunate the state doesn't have some mechanism for addressing elected officials who have been arrested or indicted (or maybe I think it's unfortunate that such a thing would be needed; or maybe BOTH). Speaking as impartially as possible, impeachment seems difficult as Vigil is innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand, citizens deserve to not have a treasurer at work getting paid (or not at work getting paid for that matter) who has been indicted federally for alleged corruption. There needs to be some better solution. Of course, he could just agree to step aside; that would be the best outcome for everyone.
4. Yesterday I went to Albuquerque and sat on a panel with Joe Monahan, political blogger extrordinaire and Doug Roberts of the LANL blog and spoke to a room of PR people about blogging. There was a moment, at the outset, when I thought to myself, "I have voluntarily walked into a room of PR people but that passed and it was a lot of fun, very interesting and the group was gracious and smart and very welcoming. Also, Joe Monahan lived up to my expectations. I love those old-school journalists; it was my favorite thing about working for the Rio Grande Sun was listening to Bob Trapp and having him growl things like, "Find out where the money came from!"
5. Too much hyperlinking.
6. Restaurant Guide is almost done. Yahoo!
7. I got another freaking speeding ticket. I am definitely being targeted for driving a sports car. Dan was in the car and can testify; other people were whizzing by me! I disapprove of speed traps; I think they are a waste of law enforcement energy and just designed to raise money. Plus, triple fines in construction zones when it's night and there are no construction workers are bullshit. Plus, how could I have been speeding? A. I've been really, really watching this and B. I had just pulled onto St. Francis Drive.
8. It looks like I now have a Blackberry. It also looks like I may have to spend the entire weekend figuring out how it works. It also looks like it might not have a camera in it...
9. I love this time of year so much. I predict first snowfall by Oct. 15
10. I am cleaning my house this weekend and doing my laundry! No matter what else happens, this much is true.
11. I said I was writing 10 friday thoughts and here is the 11th, and I steal it from Jonathan Swift: "May you live every day of your life."