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Monday, September 12, 2005


I would like to say that the first thing that is neglected when I get crazy busy is the blog, but it wouldn't be true. The blog neglect begins after a series of other things fall by the wayside: laundry! billpaying! sleeping!
The weekend felt out-of-whack hectic although, really, it wasn't so bad. Just a lot of jumping around. And paying the price for my annual Fiesta funnel cake indulgence (price=sugar headache). Made it to the Cowgirl for its Hurricane benefit Saturday night, which was entertaining and hopeful, albeit the drunk lady next to me who knocked over my beer, didn't notice and proceeded to take up way too much of my personal space was not exactly the poster-person for the We Are the World sentiment inspired by the evening. Sunday I co-hosted, with Eric Zipf the Historical/Hysterical Parade por Fiestas and it was very, very fun. I am determined to have SFR have a float next year and hand out candy. I may need to start planning that this week, though, it seems like it takes a lot of prep. A great turnout. An overall fun and charming Fiesta weekend, in general. It's hard to not be happy and grateful to look around and see Santa Fe at its community-together best when watching, and hearing, and reading about the ongoing suffering on the Gulf Coast.
Speaking of which, SFR writer Dan Frosch has now returned from assignment in New Orleans. Look for his piece about what he found there on Wednesday.
And now, Restaurant Guide awaits. As do a million other things.