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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I think it sucks

(what a lovely post title; very life affirming) that the Roberts' hearings are going on at the same time as: Iraq news, Katrina news, Ophelia news. It's like a full-time job just to keep up with things. Thank God I never sleep. I am having some kind of weird allergic hive reaction. Either from eating nuts (which I'm allergic to but eat anyway) or from Restaurant Guide stress. Or both. Had an odd phone call from a woman claiming to be a regular SFR reader and wanting to know if we could organize some relief efforts around Katrina. It was odd as, if she's a regular reader, why hasn't she noticed ALL the organizing we've been doing for the last two weeks. She sounded really suspicious as I told her all the things we'd done and gave her numbers to call to find out about stuff. I don't quite get why, if people want to help others, they sound so angry and suspicious. Aren't good works supposed to be inspired by good hearts? I mean, I know Ayn Rand didn't think that was the case, but I'm trying so hard not to be a little fascist and phone calls like that really make it difficult. Another caller, anonymous of course, criticized me yesterday for being "too negative" in my coverage of the Fiesta Parade for Channel 16. I found that really odd as I spent half the time talking about how much I love the parade, then stuffing candy in my face, and then proposing repeatedly that we should have a parade every Sunday because it was so much fun. And I actually meant it. Oh well; it's my own fault for answering the phone.
Wish we had cable at work (we're supposed to be getting it). I want to watch more Roberts' questioning. I learned a lot about habeus corpus during Feingold's interrogation this morning. Did you know that Feingold and Roberts graduated from the same class at Harvard? I didn't, but I guess I should have. Did you know the entire country is run by white men who went to either Harvard or Yale? I bet you did.