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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

good intentions thwarted by 9 am

Well, headed over to mag court this morning to deal with stupid citation only to find court is closed all week. Teenage girls outside asked me, "how can a court be closed all week?" Hell if I know. I assume the date on my ticket is now extended. Very considerate!
Found the list of Supreme Court cases to be reviewed interesting. The idea of Anna Nicole Smith's case getting to the Supreme Court seems amusing…as much as anything. Am actually a bit ticked off court was closed. It takes about seven hours of negotiating for me to plan things like going to court, as in, missing work, as in sitting there, as in, trying to obey the law. Also, how did every other person in the world know the court was closed today? The only other people there were the teenage girls. As an editor of a newspaper, I can tell you I did not receive information the court would be closed. OK, am going to go make coffee and do work. Am not starting day by complaining, particularly when too tired to even use pronouns.