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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

eyes wide dry

Feel certain that adding to din over hurricane benefits no one. Am instead assuming position of blog funnel (blognell?) through which news and info can pass. Also am struck mute at the moment. Have ODd on CNN. Watching FOX News is a lot like watching those fake ads in RoboCop. Brain hurts. Also, if anyone has an extra airplane and can fly our reporter to Louisiana, do let me know. Argh.
Sounds like the government wants to investigate what went wrong in responding to Katrina.
It's pretty irritating to listen to Rumsfeld et al spout off about how something like this couldn't have been anticipated when everyone else seems to have known it
Democracy for New Mexico has linked it up well on the FEMA storiesCheck it out.
Here's a link to a bunch of other AAN-generated stories about FEMA funding.
Grist has good article on hurricane and global warming
Also, we're continuing to add info on hurricane relief efforts at our website so keep checking it. Info on the Cowgirl's benefit next weekend just went up.