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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brown sucked in OK too

I know we've all heard all about how much Brown screwed up when he was in charge of Arabian horses, but not sure how widespread his time in his homestate of OK was. Here's a snippet from fellow AAN paper, The Oklahoma Gazette.

"The Michael Brown who was being scrutinized and eventually removed from Katrina disaster relief efforts is not the man being remembered for his work in Oklahoma. Yet one Oklahoma representative believes Brown was unfit for the job."

You can read the rest of the article hereā€”it's the second item on the page.

You know what sucks about all this stuff? Um, everything.
I will say, though, I think some of the reporting coming out of Katrina's wake (did not just use the word "wake," oh yes I did) has been a level above what the national press was doing before. (I'm not talking about the TV people, you understand; they are just scaring me). This piece by NYT Public Editor Byron Calame on how the Times barely reported on New Orleans' poverty for the last 10 years and instead focused more on lifestyle was really, really interesting to me.
On the other hand, I certainly hope this E & P story on the exaggerated violence during Katrina isn't the end of this story. I think it's not quite enough to say, (this is the media talking) "Oh, yes, we did say babies were being raped but there doesn't appear to be evidence that happened. Well, you know, things were just SO chaotic." Um, I think we need a little more disssection of that situation.