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Monday, September 05, 2005

belabored day

Were this a holiday weekend like any other I would no doubt feel compelled to post about how great it was to hear Rickie Lee Jones at the Thirsty Ear Festival, or even Hollis Wake and C'uagamo at Second Street Friday night, or the good food at Andy's party last night etc. etc. etc. But it's been a relatively losing battle to enjoy anything wholeheartedly this weekend, it's been, in fact, a real conflict to even feel as though one should try to enjoy anything, although turning off CNN for at least a few hours a day has felt necessary as, after a while, how much can you watch without...just...sinking.
Right after 9.11 there were people in our office who believed this was it, the beginning of the end, who felt very pessimistic about the immediate future. I didn't. I just didn't believe more was coming right away. I knew that was it for then. I don't feel like that right now. I don't feel hopeful. Maybe it's because watching what happened in New Orleans bears such a close resemblance to the way all dystopic futures are depicted in nascenscy. The weather changes, the storms come, the electricity fails, the fighting breaks out, the bodies pile up, the diseases come, they spread. And it all happens too fast.
Definitely not a good day to re-read The Handmaid's Tale.
Well, I guess if I'm going to come to work on a paid holiday I might as well work rather than apocolypticize. (word?)