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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

bad blogger, she is I redux

It's Tuesday, the wheels of justice are spinning. Or, wait, no, the wheels of journalism are spinning. That doesn't as good. I don't think. Maybe it's a List Kind of Day.

1. My allergies are so bad I spent half of yesteray with my eyes almost entirely swollen shut. This did not, as they say, add to my appeal.
2. Al Green at The Opera was unbelievably good. Dan, Jonanna, Rocque and I had these wonderful seats in the first row of the balcony so we could see and hear everything with total clarity, but weren't required to be trampled or crazy on the floor. Green was so in the moment (or he's the world's greatest performer... or both). Also, he didn't do that cheesy thing where you have to wait to hear the "hits" at the encore. Also, Love and Happiness almost made me cry. Almost! I am trying to be less weapy. It is almost working.
3. Lucinda Williams tonight is going to be amazing. I prepared for the greatness by listening to this albumLucinda Williams on the way to work. This will be my fourth time seeing her and will mean I have heard one of my favorite musicians in every great live-music venue in SF: The Paramount, The Opera, Palo Soleri and The Lensic. Sweet!
4. Friday night went to Albuquerque and remembered that there is other stuff to do in Alb. when SF gets to be too much (or too little). But, also, Albuquerque is a bit of a drive for the night. On the other hand, Darius drove, not me so what am I complaining about? I'm not complaining. What? Allergies=brain fog.
5. Gas at Santo Domingo is very cheap. Suspiciously so. We are definitely being gauged here in old SF. Also, why did I drive fuel-efficient cars my ENTIRE life and then buy a car with a V6 engine just as we went to war over oil? Why?
6. I fed this goat at the State Fair. I love to go to the State Fair, mostly for the petting zoo. But also for the Agriculture Exhibit Hall. This year they had a bobcat. Also a hummingbird and a bunch of trout. I didn't go on any rides this year, though. I sometimes do, but I think I am getting a little old; all the rides looked dangerous and it was about 105 degrees and the thought of spinning around wildly in some rickety container didn't seem like quite the thing. Still, it was fun. There were a gazillion people there. The flower exhibit hall also was cool. The petting zoo was the best, though. Particularly because everyone in the petting zoo was my size, albeit under the age of 10.
7. I would like to go home and lie down in a dark room with a cold washcloth on my face and stay there until first snow fall.
8. I am not going to get to do that.