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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

at my own hands

Have just finished, sort of, writing checks for all the various speeding and parking tickets I've amassed over the last month. I am probably one of the few people for whom being gouged at the pump is secondary to being gouged by my own bad-girl luck and poor driving choices. Tomorrow I have to go to mag court and show proof of insurance, which I did not have on me when pulled over at stupid speed trap at Rufina and South Meadows (was cited for not coming to a complete stop at a threeway stop at which three of the four ways have no traffic because there are no roads built yet. Cop was hiding on mound of dirt and pulling everyone over who didn't come to a complete stop, which was everyone because there is nothing to stop for. Great use of law enforcement! I also still have to go to muni court and deal with cell phone citation; I am probably the only person in town who has been pulled over for this particular infraction. Sigh. I know, it's all my own fault, but, seriously, I really don't have good luck with this stuff. Just on a statistical level, I think I've broken some sort of mathematical law by even receiving this many tickets in one month.