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Monday, September 26, 2005

10 things about Monday

1. We are putting out the paper but also proofing Restaurant Guide. RG makes me nutso fasto. I have some kind of weird Karma (am now using words like Karma, please note) that has put me in this world with a. little interest in food and b. surrounded by people obsessed with food (we call them foodies) as well as surrounded by people who always think I am not eating and c. people who are 1 and 2 and cook for me. Anyway, I get tired proofing RG because it means reading about food over and over again. My food reviews tend to ignore the food and talk about the restaurant's ambiance. Go figure.
2. My friend Donnan is very into astrology. Actually, almost everyone I know is very into astrology, except Jonanna, which is part of why we get along so well (or maybe not; maybe we get along so well because we are astrologically compatible). Anyway, Donann showed me this site called Astro where you can use your birth date/astrology info to figure out where you should live. I haven't done it yet though because, as mentioned, I think astrology is ridiculous. Although I am a double Sag, in case you're wondering.
3. Heard some good music Sat. night at El Paseo, The Floors and Hollis Wake. It gets very fratty in El Paseo sometimes though. There were lots of people I like there, but also odd frat guys getting drunk and banging into people. I don't know, for the record, if those guys were really in frats. I just like to throw around words like frat boys to make a point.
4. I am speaking about blogging to a group in Albuquerque on Thursday. Public speaking comes easy to me. Too easy. Easy as in I often wish I hadn't opened my mouth because one never knows what will come out when I do.
5. I bought several different mixed-nuts mixtures at Whole Paycheck yesterday and am eating them at my desk EVEN THOUGH I AM ALLERGIC TO NUTS. What is up with that? Maybe I can ignore my allergies. I tend to think ignoring things is a good way to build up immunity to them even though I have NO evidence this is true.
6. This article where Bush asks people not to drive unless they have to is about as inspiring as Gov. Richardson asking the state police to crack down on speeding because it wastes gas. Jesus, people. You got the prez and the former DOE secretary saying this shit when THEY BOTH KNOW the technology exists so that we don't even need gas hardly. What a bunch of bullshit. If I get another speeding ticket I am going to be really mad.
7. I USE ALL CAPS when I've had too much caffeine.
8. I've had too much caffeine because one of our employees bought a $600 espresso maker for the office that makes really great coffee and all you have to do to make it is press a button. It's idiot proof. I know, because I can use it.
9. Duncan told me the SWIG benefit he organized for Hurricane Katrina victims raised $18,000. That's pretty freaking impressive.
10. Journal Santa Fe headline from weekend: "AG Says Treasurer Clouds Office." I'd say he shat all over it Ms. Madrid. I mean, hard to trust a state official accused of taking more than half a mil in kickbacks. Well, they used cloud in the headline because Madrid used it in a quote. But they should have put it in quotes in the headline. And thus ends my very silly pickiness at the Journal's headlines.
11. Sorry to be so listy and ranty. Mondays slay me.