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Friday, August 05, 2005


Well, it's friday. I've just come from taping my show, 7 Days in Santa Fe, at sfcc. My co-host, Eric Zipf, was so inspired by this blog (ha) that he's started his own blog, but he appears to have gone on vacation shortly after starting it, so stay tuned.
I'm up in the air about this weekend. I leave next week for Chicago for another conference and feel inclined to lay low until then. I will, I think, stop by The Second Street Experience at some point and am planning to go check out Ursula Coyote'snew documentary about karaoke. Other than that... I'll probably cruise Peace Day at some point and, if properly motivated, maybe even take a few pictures. OK, later...
Oh, almost forgot. SFR's former, former, former art director, my friend Suzanne has a blog. Check it out.