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Monday, August 08, 2005

monday thievery

The The Journal North stole The New Mex's Gallegos story and, not only did they not credit The New Mex, they cited the original story thusly: "A newspaper reported Sunday..." It's such unethical bullshit for the dailies to follow stories by one another and us (the Journal also stole our Whole Foods story from last week in their paper today). Almost any paper in any city you will find stories that follow other papers' stories and, you know what, they cite the papers. You know why? Because when you don't make it clear where the news came from (a press conference, a report, a source, another newspaper) you're doing a massive disservice to your readers, because you're not providing them any context for the news they are reading. It's not about giving other papers credit (although why not? Be a freaking man), but about disclosure.