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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


this is getting really bad. You read these stories and it's almost unfathomable that people are going through this level of disaster. Not to mention Santa Feans whose families are there. We finally heard news on the Gambit Weekly editors we know and they are safe although, like all New Orleans residents, they have no idea when they will go home or if there is a home to go to.
And you know, I'm not normally one for the "'hatin" but this story about Bush cutting short his vacation because of the disaster really got my hackles up. What if he hadn't cut short his vacation? And what if he hadn't cut all the emergency funds needed and known to be needed to protect New Orleans from this kind of disaster.
But I don't have the stomach for a political tirade right now (haven't had it for a while, actually. What's up with that?). I just can't believe what's happening in Louisianna. The looting, the flooding, the rescues. (WTF is up with the looting? Are people hungry? Who would think a time like this is a good time to start stealing? Jesus).
I can't believe there was a shark swimming around the city.
I guess I can't believe any of it. I am going to go home and glue myself to CNN now.