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Friday, August 26, 2005

It's been a long week

although I'm not sure why. Tonight I'm going to the opera to see Ainadamar (spelling?) which I have been looking forward to all summer. Other important things I have been thinking about: Must buy socks as summer is ending and I have none left over from last year as they all have been brambled to death from walks with dogs this summer. Fascinating!
Tomorrow I may head over to High Mayhem for its Benefit and CD release party. I am actually on one of the CDs, although you would not be able to pick me out of the crowd on Melody Carnahan's group reading thing. Still, the event is in my neck of the woods, so...
I just had some inhouse birthday upside down pineapple cake and it was really gross. All cake should be chocolate. Period.
I hurt my back at the gym this week, because I legpressed 230 pounds because I am a ridiculous person. Jonanna witnessed the entire thing and was "impressed and mildly frightened for reasons I can't quite figure out," she says.
What else?
I don't know. Sometimes I feel as though there are too many thoughts running through my head to get them all down and other times I think there's no point in getting them all down as many of them are pretty silly.
Do you know what I mean?
But someday this blog will have outlived its purpose, and that day will come when I figure out what the purpose of having it is in the first place. There are days when I've got a lot to say about news and stuff I've read on the web and I'm hyperlinking like crazy and expounding on this and that.
Today ain't one of those days.
Have a great weekend.