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Monday, August 29, 2005

happily landlocked

Last night I dreamed I had taken shelter from Hurricane Katrina on the 30th floor of a high-rise apartment building, convincing myself, somewhat shakily, that if the water was only going to rise 28 feet I'd be safe on the 30th floor. As usual, as in all of my dreams of pending apocolypses and disasters, my main concern was keeping an eye on my dogs. So nice to have one's subconscious and conscious completely aligned with constant worries about protecting one's pets.
Anyway, I recently read this novel which, oddly enough, is about a weatherman who covers a hurricane, is presumed missing, is found, and then becomes famous. It was an interesting premise for a novel, although I thought the book itself was sort of boring. Then again, I read the uncorrected proofs so maybe the final version was better.
I've been obsessed with Hurricane Katrina this morning. I can't imagine being stuck in something like this; I keep thinking about all those people evacuating and not knowing what is going to happen to their houses. Not to mention the ones still there. Not to mention Anderson Cooper! (Actually, it's his job). Also have been wondering about how the editor and staff of Gambit, the New Orleans alt.weekly, are faring. Their website is down and I guess they won't be putting a paper out this week, although I don't know that for sure. I heard via another AAN editor that the Gambit editor and family had safely evacuated for elsewhere but that's all I know. I wonder how much damage their offices have undergone. What's going to happen? There's so much freaking news out there and yet I feel like I don't have the information I want. I've been reading The Times Picayune blog pretty rabidly. Other good links are the usa today blog and this link also sends you to more bloggers covering the hurricane. It seems like natural disasters and blogs are a good fit, since it's one of those times when you really do want up-to-the-minute information as much as possible. It is very vertiginous to read about people's roofs being blown off, not to mention people standing on their roofs to stay above water. I'm so stuck on reading about this storm that just now when I looked up and out the window it seemed startling that it was a sunny day here in Santa Fe. I guess as far as natural disasters we're relatively lucky. Although we do have big wildfires. And sonic booms. And nuclear weapons.