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Thursday, August 04, 2005

freaking internet

Well, the email isn't working right this morning. There is a 10-hour period in which no email was sent to me, which is impossible. The reason the email isn't working has something to do with the fact that we've switched servers for our new web site. Or providers. Something. I don't freaking know. All I know is I hate it when the day begins with the email not working, not to mention I hate it when I know there is email lost in space that may never come through because there is no way for me to track down hypothetical email. On the other hand, I don't really think there is anything so important that it matters that much if I never receive it. Or, rather, I can't quite imagine what that would be but I do in fact think or worry (kind of rabidly) that's what's happened. For example, about a month ago, an old, old friend from high school tracked me down and emailed me and now we're back in correspondence. What if the email had gone kablooey that exact day and I'd never received her email or responded? It's terrible to be this dependent on email, actually, now that I think about it. What am I even talking about?
Ahem. So, back at the homestead, Peter and Tris are building a handicapped ramp off my back porch for my oldest dog, Kita. As a project, there's a level of absurdity that even I, dog fanatic, can't help but recognize. The ramp was Tris', not my, idea. It would never have occured to me to admit that Kita needed a ramp because that would have meant admitting Kita is getting old (she's 12), which would mean admitting I'm getting old and in my world neither I nor my dogs ever age. The project is in the midway point. The stairs have been removed but the ramp has not yet been set up (there's another set of stairs that can be used on the other side of the porch in the interim). Kita has been observing the construction site with a very Dowager-like air (is that a real word?). It really seems as if she's completely aware that all these two by fours are for her benefit and as if she's waiting for them to finish her ramp. Of course, I am the queen of anthropomorphasizing (although clearly not the queen of spelling). OK, without email I suppose I could take this opportunity to get some work done.