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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the fran gallegos story

Be sure to check out SFR's story today about the fact that the whistleblower cited by The New Mex in their recent stories was working for Fran's ex-husband at the time. You will note neither The New Mex nor The Journal mentioned this, and they certainly would have had they known. Does this make the story less credible? Well, sources and the media have been a big topic of late, yes? So certainly if they knew they would have disclosed it so that the reader knew. The question I have now is will the dailies, particularly The New Mex which has been riding this story, come back and tell their readers that the main whistleblower was working for Fran's ex at the time? Would they have handled the story differently? (Like inspected more than 13 of the 800 available records?). Time will tell, dear readers.