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Monday, August 08, 2005

bloody hell

The big problem of the day is that Lalo, Darius' cat, appears to be missing. On the bright side, Dan is in town so I am not actually responsible for Lalo being missing. The downside is, this isn't about me (I know everything isn't about me), it's about poor Lalo. So after work Dan, Jonanna and I are going on a search for Lalo with flyers I've made up (they read as follows: "Old. Skinny. No Tags. Likes Tuna"). There are many other things one could say about Lalo, who actually originally comes from the Middle East (perhaps he's been picked up by Homeland Security? Not funny Julia). I am making bad jokes about Lalo because it's so awful that he's missing I can't even stand it. I also don't know where we are going to look for him as he never really goes anywhere.
In other news, if all goes well we may have quite the little scoop for Wednesday. But I don't want to jinx it... or let the cat out of the bag. Oh God—that wasn't even intentional.