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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

bad news from mississippi

This is a heartbreaking editorial from the Sun Herald in Mississippi. You can also find more info on what's happening in Mississippi from Jackson Free Press' web site.
With each passing hour I am more and more horrified. Clearly, preparing for a disaster of this magnitude would have been difficult, but the preparations seem so woefully inadequate, so horrifyingly inadequate, and the response is clearly not what it needs to be or there wouldn't be people stranded everywhere without resources, let alone information. We should have info going up on our web site shortly with contact info for making donations to help. Here they are in the meantime:

Food Depot
To make a financial donation, which will directly assist America’s Second Harvest Members in affected areas, visit Second Harvest or call 800-771-2303. To make a financial donation directly to The Food Depot, people are encouraged to make checks payable to The Food Depot and mail to: 1222 Siler Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507.

Roadrunner Food Bank
Donations will be collected at the Lt. Governor’s office located in the State Capitol Building, Suite 417 in Santa Fe and at the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority at 344 Fourth Street SW, in Albuquerque. Donations should be made payable to: “The Roadrunner Food Bank” and please make a notation for “Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief” on the check.

Red Cross
Donations can be made to the local Santa Fe chapter, located at 1213 Mercantile, Suite B (424-1611) or sent to the Mid Rio Grande office in Albuquerque, 142 Monroe Street NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 (265-8514). Donors can designate “Hurricane Katrina” on their check to ensure their contribution is used for the relief effort. More on Red Cross efforts can be found at the Red Cross web site.