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Friday, August 19, 2005

and then it was friday

Jonanna and I both are sitting here, in the quiet SFR offices, on Marcy Street, surrounded by blockaded streets and the ominous grumblings of a sky about to burst. We are reading email and looking at the Internet and waiting for Dan and Darius to show up and drive north and eat New Mexican food and listen to poetry and then who knows what.
Today was a good day. Yesterday was a bad day. I don't know what's up for tomorrow but, if nothing else, I've got to work on my adjectives.
Seize the day. Go to the Frogville music festival tomorrow at the Brewing Company, at old Wolf Canyon. It starts at 3 pm and there are a slew of great bands playing. See you there. Won't see you on the Plaza though but if you're going to Market vayo con dios.