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Friday, July 08, 2005

Ten Things Difficult to Do When It's Hot Out

1. Eat. At least in theory. This didn't stop me from chowing down on a delivery from Sandra of a Josie's lunch. I haven't had Josie's food since they catered a wedding I went to a few years ago. My God it's good. I don't really understand how this lunch came to me (it was explained to me, but I was so undone by the prospect of Josie's apricot pie I didn't listen). Was shocked, when Joe Ray Sandoval came by earlier, that he had never heard of or eaten at Josie's. His explanation, "I had Hispanic parents. They made us that food." Except he didn't use the word "Hispanics" but that's another story.
2. Walk. Pedometer has only registered 2600 steps. Of course, pedometer broke today, for real, as in the thing that attaches it to pants sprung off very dramatically, as if pedometer was saying, "You're not getting anywhere and I'm sick of you." Am now psychologically projecting onto pedometer. Am also carrying pedometer around IN POCKET and don't think it's picking up steps as well.
3. Be civil. Any emails or calls I received today that were in the slightest bit provocative were not treated with particular graciousness. Sorry Tom! Heat plus over-heated girl equals cranky irrational bitch. Sigh.
4. Wear hair down. Hair has now been in knotty unbecoming knot for five days straight. Looks hideous. And it's too hot to dry hair so even if it was down it would look hideous. Is also overdue for haircut, which I am getting tomorrow. Pray hairdresser actually cuts it. Last time hair was LONGER when I left hairdresser than when I got there.
5. Smoke. It is too hot to smoke. Perhaps could quit smoking by moving to some very, very hot place. Can't think of where is hot right now because
6. Think. It is too hot to think. Have accomplished so little today it's ridiculous. Asked Pakistinian journalist (was not Palestinian as written before) no good questions. Did not make any headway through enormous pile of resumes.
7. Read. Have not started new book in days. Instead, last night, reread Reproduction is the flaw of love. Made vow to self some time ago (possibly after re-reading Franny & Zooey and Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time)
8. Look Pretty. I have TWO cocktail parties to go to and I look, well, I look hot, tired and confused.
9. Talk about Los Alamos National Laboratory. Greg Mello and David Bacon just stopped by to see me (at 445 pm on a Friday) to discuss the future of LANL and what kind of coverage it should get. I then went off on a tirade about Walmart and the Planning Commission meeting. I think it cheered them up to hear me go off on a tirade and they left happy.
10. Make lists.