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Sunday, July 10, 2005

sunday, sunday

Why am I blogging on a Sunday? Because I'm working on a Sunday or, to be more precise, am supposed to be working. Will be working, rather, as soon as I finish this post. Best of, best of, best of, but first…
Friday night I attended a nice cocktail party held by Marika and Dave where I tried some crazy cocktail Marika made (from Gourmet magazine) involving, I believe, sake, cucumber and ginger. I switched, quickly, to wine, talked Joey into smoking with me in a corner and enjoyed Dave and Marika's lovely yard which, once upon a time, looked as bedraggled as my yard (almost) but now is the kind of place where people, as opposed to locusts, can hang out and drink wine. Then swung over to Darius' house where a party with photographers from around the country (well, they mostly seemed to be from Seattle) were assembled. They are here for Photo Arts Santa Fe, which Darius is involved with as a reviewer. (I think. To be honest, I'm not sure what it's all about and I can't ask any more because Darius has explained it to me so many times it's ridiculous). I was feeling crazily exhausted and begged off heading into town for the Cowgirl figuring, rightly of course, that I'd end up there eventually.
Saturday I finally got my hair cut. Thank God. I sometimes feel that all the growing I failed to do has ended up in my hair (must be better way to say that). I swear when I woke up Saturday morning my hair was basically down to my knees. And there was so much of it I could barely lift my head out of bed.

Christopher, who cuts my hair at Axis, is a crazed genius, even though he occasionally teases me and pretends he's going to cut all of it off, causing me to shriek and try to pull the scissors out of his hands. I've been following Chris around to various salons for years, though, because I trust him and because it's just amazing how good my hair looks after he's finished. It is, also, blessedly, about 15 pounds lighter and not tied back for the first time in months. Chris also told me some very funny stories but they're all vaguely politically incorrect or extremely dirty so I guess I'll keep them off the Internet for now. Hair is still too black, though. Chris thinks it looks goth but also agrees that when summer is over it needs to be fixed. I have a definite Wednesday Adams thing going on from what I can gather from various comments people have been making (actually being compared to Wednesday Adams sort of thrills me but clearly this isn't a healthy sign).

Saturday night, Andy and Pamela (pictured here with Jonanna) had a soiree game party in Andy's Trading Spaces renovated game room. And here's KBAC DJ Honey Harris playing ping pong. Honey is a very good ping pong player and, actually, the FUNNIEST person I have ever known in my life. I wish Honey could just sit in my office all day and talk, and that's saying something because I can't think of anyone else I would want to do such a thing.
After Andy and Pamela, Jonanna, Jen, Dan and Dan's visiting brother, Jon, and I went to Silva Lanes to perform karaoke.

Dan and Jon had a rough start with "King of Pain" but they persevered and did much better with Take it Easy by the Eagles. Dan and I sang our old standby, Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," although I wasn't really in the karaoke vibe and was judgmental about our performance. Jonanna and I never did get called to sing Elton John and Kiki Dee's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" which was too bad, on the one hand, as we've been singing it at work every day for, um, about two years. On the bright side, it's probably better that the general public was not subjected to this. Although karaoke can be fun, I'm not sure Silva Lanes is going to be our new Saturday night hot spot. Yes, the drinks are cheap (and yet I only had one) but it's not quite the ambiance I think I can handle on a regular basis. We began to feel persecuted by the karaoke host, who seemed to be ignoring our names on the list, so we went into town and caught the end of the Sean Helean CD release party at—uh huh—The Cowgirl. (I think Sean Helean is really good western rockish, and if you missed him Sat. night the band is playing the summer bandstand series this Tuesday. You can check out the whole musical summer schedule here. I like the summer bandstand series a great deal, although I think someone should start a citywide campaign to have food and beer on the Plaza all summer long at night.)
Jonanna and I played a not-so-quick game of pool in Cowgirl's new pool room (which is really great; they did an awesome job). I played like shit because I am out of practice and also not very good in the first place.
This morning I met Dave and Marika for breakfast at the Southside Cafe.
Dave Carl is a tutor at St. John's and tells me that if I mention him on my blog it will be the first mention of him in a blog anywhere. Marika teaches, well, everywhere (CSF, ballet, other places) and is a writer and a great cook and one of the nicest most generous people I know. She is, however, nearly impossible to give a book to as she always already has it. I tried to give her that Lauren Grodstein book I mentioned the other day but she had it on her stack already. She did, however, give me a book.
OK, I need to work now and then find a present for the 4-year-old twins' birthday party this evening. I had gotten them something earlier, but decided that "homies" dolls from a vending machine might be amusing to me, but wouldn't necessarily be to their parents. I gave them, instead, to my ex-husband to bring as a present. Southside Cafe, by the way, has a great Homies collection on one of its counters. Their breakfast is quite good, but it's worth visiting just to check out the dolls. They are funny, yo.
Wow, the heat is breaking. I think it's raining. Hallelujah.