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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

sleeping with turtles

Insomnia strikes again in the form of me wide awake at 4 am after a very odd dream in which I was swimming in a lake and kept seeing a big turtle swimming in the water with me. This may be, perhaps, because my friend Jen recently had her turtle, Rosie, reunited with her after her mom brought her down (up?) from Texas. Or perhaps because there was a turtle in the book I was reading last night. Or a combination of the two. Or because my subconscious has gone on vacation. At any rate, it's only 11:15 am and I feel like I'm going to collapse, which is very unfortunate given that collapsing is not an option because:
1. I have to go oversee a photoshoot with a high-profile politician in 45 minutes.
2. My best friend in the world arrives today for the next three days before moving to Alaska (more on her later)
3. SFR is cosponsoring a party, from 5 to 8 pm, at Pachanga to celebrate the beginning of Blocbusta, the art project. (BE THERE)
So, I better save up my energy up. But a few things worth pondering.
1. Why did the Santa Fe Commission end up approving Peters' Suerte del Sol To avoid litigation? Really? What kind of precedent does that set?
I will say that the New Mexican's survey, that follows the story, is pretty interesting. I like the multiple choice question about whether or not you think money changed hands.