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Friday, July 22, 2005

pronoia—not for sissies

I love my job
Actually I do.
St. Francis Drive/Zia Road construction notwithstanding, maybe the universe really is looking out for me.
Or maybe I've had too much caffeine.
Best Of marches on.
This Tommy Rodella stuff is pretty entertaining. I talked to Tommy quite often when I worked for The Rio Grande Sun and none of this has been very surprising—to say the least. I agree with the readers' comments asking how Gov. Richardson could have been unaware of Rodella's reputation. It's not much of a secret. Although it reminds me, a bit, of when Udall, when he was AG, did the whole election fraud investigation in Rio Arriba seemingly completely unaware of the politics up there as well. (And, yes, I was called as a witness to the Grand Jury for that. I guess if such a case happened now I'd just get sent to jail). Actually, at the time, I was questioned by AG investigators who did want to look at my notes. I said no and it was dropped. It was right after that that I took to the habit of storing all my notebooks (at the time I was attached to taking all my notes on long yellow legal pads) in the hatchback of my then-car. Which eventually meant my entire hatchback was filled with about 700 notebooks. It was like art. Really neurotic art. This story got the most comment of any today. The Supreme Court stuff came close.
Slate has good coverage of the Roberts' confirmation.
Doesn't this photo make it look like Condaleeze Rice is getting married to Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Foud Saniora?